The following persons have contact with children in the course of ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish and School. All of these persons and many others have met the following criteria: 1) They have been subject to a criminal background check, 2) They have completed sexual abuse prevention training, 3) They received a copy of the Safe Environment Policy of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston and stated that they will serve in accordance with that policy.

Msgr. Paul Hudock

Christine Anghie
Lori Buchanan
Thomas Butyn
Derek Dimmey
Kathryn Gazzola
Linda McGlumphy
Matthew Natal
Amy Orzolek
Julie Peroni
Mark Porter
Mary Beth Ray
Rebecca Rogers
Stephanie Romanek
Jaclyn Saseen
Christy Spanos
Jennifer Updegraph

Elizabeth Brown
Melissa Carpenter
Lucia Shinsky
Theresa Williamson

Madelene Jidestig Hays
Gordon McCloud
Susan Newmeyer
Laurajenn Rossell
John Yelenic

School Based Health
MaryAnn Glusich
Erin McFarland
Brenda Orth

Substitute Teachers
Brenda Beiter
Devin Eiler
Paula Foster
Kaitlin Gibbons
Mary Gibson
Traci Mason
Maria Nickler
Barbara Smith
Anastasia Williamson

Parish Staff
Jason Birch
Sarah Booth
Melissa Ceo-Harte
Debbie Davis
Nancy Freeman
Ezra Hamilton
Sarabeth Hartle
Eli Lambie
Jacqueline Laurine
Tyler Newmeyer
Barbara Porter
Robert Shelek
Sr. Rosella Uding
Julie White

PSR Teachers
Derek Dimmey
Heather Gallagher
Mary Frances Kase
Theresa Kase
Jeanie McKeets
Cecilia Palmer
Beth Zarate

Summer Camp(18&older)
Ryan Bartsch
Carl Dietrich
Michelle Dietrich
David Dudzik
Kathryn Hammerquist
Christian Hores
Matthew Koval
Chelsea Larue
Megan Larue
Jake Markwas
Jeanette Miller
Monica Minor
Adam Payne
Brandon Porter
Mark Porter
Meghan Porter
Tennieal Porter
Alex Price
Amy Rapp
Amy Rzycko
Mark Rzycko
Michael Schwartz
Mackenzie Smith
Rachel Stevick
Edward Vargo
George Vopal
Justin Wilson

This is an incomplete list. All Coaches and Volunteers have also completed Safe Environment training.

At St. Vincent de Paul Parish and School we encourage ALL MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY over the age of 18 to participate in Safe Environment Training. Please visit the website for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Office of Safe Environment to learn how you can receive training and education on how to prevent abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

Sincerely, Msgr. Paul Hudock, Pastor