Fellowship Sunday

Join us after the Sunday morning Masses on the 2nd Sunday of each month for conversation, coffee, milk and cookies. Meet old friends and make new ones.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is the visionary and pastoral planning body of the parish. After listening to the needs of the community, understanding the Tradition of the Church, and discerning God’s Spirit, the Council is responsible for discerning how the parish can be most effective in fullfilling its total mission. Council members are committed to regular times of prayer and study centered on Jesus and the teachings of the Church, and to the building up of a Christian Community.

Liturgical Commission

The Liturgical Commission gathers to evaluate and reflect on our current presentation of worship and to make recommendations for the implementation of liturgical practices to foster a more prayerful and spiritual expression of worship. Contact Msgr. Paul Hudock.

Nurturing Neighbors Health Ministry

This ministry is a holistic health approach to building the Body of Christ in our parish and in our Elm Grove Community. We meet monthly and are engaged in providing updated information on pertinent health issues to parish members, providing assistance with personal health history journals, and working closely with the diocese to improve the quality of life for all our members.

Funeral Luncheon Committee

This group provides a meal following a Funeral Mass for the family of the deceased. There are several committees of people who set up, provide food, and clean up after the luncheon. For more information on this ministry, contact the parish office at 304-242-0406.

Our Lady of Seven Dolors Altar Rosary Society

The organization is dedicated to the parish and all its needs. For information, contact Nancy Riser at 304-242-7020 or Vera Powell at 304-242-1134.

  1. Adult Choir-The choir typically sings at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Liturgy.  Rehearsals are held one evening per week.
    Contact: the parish office at (304) 242-0406,
  2. Altar Servers-We welcome boys and girls (third grade and higher) to serve at the altar for our Saturday and Sunday liturgies. Recruitment and training to take place in the winter months.
    Contact: Msgr. Paul Hudock at phudock@dwc.org
  3. Building and Grounds Committee Member-A group of volunteers that complete various maintenance and grounds projects at the school and parish.
    Contact: Parish office at (304) 242-0406
  4. Cantors-People with a special gift of song lead the congregation in sung prayer.  Training and rehearsals are ongoing.
    Contact: the Parish Office at (304) 242-0406,
  5. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion-Parishioners serve the worshiping assembly by administering the Body and Blood of Christ during the Eucharistic Liturgies.  Special ministers also take the Eucharist to the elderly and homebound.
    Contact: Msgr. Paul Hudock at 304-242-0406 for Liturgical Ministry and Nancy Riser at 304-242-7020 for ministry to homebound.
  6. Fish Fry at Our Lady of Seven Dolors-This ministry requires help in many different areas to ensure a successful event.  This includes: setting up, preparing take-out orders, serving food, bussing tables, kitchen clean up and donating desserts.
    Contact: Vera Powell at (304) 242-1134 or Carol Harris at (304) 907-0148
  7. Funeral Choir-A group of vocalists that sing at funerals.
    Contact: Bev Sharpsky at (304) 242-1672
  8. Funeral Luncheon-This group provides a meal following a Funeral Mass for the family of the deceased. There are several committees of people who set up, provide food, and clean up after the luncheon.
    Contact: the Parish Office at 304-242-0406
  9. Greeters-Parishioners serve to extend a hospitable welcome to all who join us for Saturday and Sunday Liturgies.
    Contact: Parish office at (304) 242-0406
  10. Health & Wellness-This group is engaged in providing information on pertinent health issues to parish members, and works to improve the quality of life for all our members.
    Contact: Mary Uraco at (304) 242-6799
  11. Member Altar and Rosary Society-A group established to honor and praise the Blessed Virgin Mary and is dedicated to serve the parish in any of its needs.  Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m.
    Contact: Vera Powell at (304) 242-1134 or Carol Harris at (304)907-0148
  12. Member Knights of Columbus-An order of the Roman Catholic Church founded on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.  This group is open to all practicing Catholic men over the age of 18.  The Knights are active in our local faith communities and participate in charitable activities in and around the Wheeling area with an emphasis of serving the poor at the Catholic Neighborhood Center.
    Contact: Bill Buchanan at (304) 277-2684 or wdb617@comcast.net
  13. Nurturing Neighbors—Provides ministry to the sick and homebound members of our parish.  This group also send cards to hospitalized parishioners, and follow up with a telephone call when the person leaves the hospital.
    Contact: Nancy Riser at (304) 242-7020
  14. Office Volunteer/Parish Special Events Organizer-Assisting with various office/organizational tasks.  Please call the parish office for more information.
    Contact: Parish office: (304)242-0406
  15. Parent Teacher Partnership (P.T.P.)-A school organization comprised of parents or guardians, teachers, the principal and pastor.  Its purpose is to ensure high quality religious and academic education that promotes excellence and cultivates strong moral and ethical character.
    Contact: School Office (304) 242-5844
  16. Parish School of Religion-A parish team of catechists make a yearlong commitment to serve the religious education and formation needs of children who attend public schools in grades K-8. Catechetical sessions are held on Sundays from 10:45 a.m. to noon in the various rooms of the Marist Centre.  Orientation takes place on the second Sunday in September and closing ceremonies generally take place on the last Sunday in April.
    Contact: Sr. Rosella at (304) 242-0406
  17. Prayer Shawl Ministry-St. Vincent’s parish women meet on the first and third Tuesday each month to pray, socialize, and knit/crochet Prayer Shawls, Lap Robes, and Baby Coverings.  These are given in times of stress, for comfort, to celebrate a special event such as Baptism, retirement, or in the case of illness or death.  Each shawl reminds the recipient that someone is praying for him/her.  Our priests bless each shawl as it is made.
    Contact: Katie Kreitzer at (304) 242-2125
  18. Readers-Parishioners proclaim the Word of God among the worshiping assembly during the Eucharistic Liturgy.  Training is provided.
    Contact: Parish office at (304) 242-0406
  19. Scrip Committee— The Scrip program allows SVS to raise money simply by changing your method of payment.  Members purchase gift cards to use at the grocery store, gas stations etc. and the school earns a percentage of each gift card purchased.  Patrons won’t be spending extra time, energy, or money on this fundraiser. Committee members will promote the program to help ensure its success.  Scrip is available after all Masses and in the school office during school hours.
    Contact: School Office – 304-242-5844
  20. Sponsor for an RCIA candidate-The role of an RCIA Sponsor is to share your faith journey, and offer support to an assigned Candidate (baptized adult) or Catechumen (unbaptized adult) that is seeking to be initiated into the Catholic Church.
    Contact: Sr. Rosella or Fr. Gary at (304) 242-0406
  21. Sponsor for Engaged Couple-Couple-to-couple ministry in which married couples mentor engaged couples to help them prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony.
    Contact: Msgr Paul Hudock at (304) 242-0406
  22. St. Vincent de Paul Society-The Outreach Ministry, through the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, directly and actively assists families in need normally within the Parish Boundaries.  The ministry’s primary focus is on utility shut-off notices.  The ministry collaborates with surrounding churches and social agencies to provide for individual special needs cases, such as referrals, transients, homeless, domestic violence, etc.  Funding is primarily supported through the generosity of the parishioners with local businesses providing additional support.
    Contact: Carol Wack at (304) 242-5440
  23. Third Order of Mary—A lay group of men and women who want to follow more closely in Our Lady’s path as she leads us to Jesus.
    Contact:Jean Hohman at (304)242-3295
  24. Usher-People of hospitality who participate in worship, take up the collection, and assist people as needed at mass.
    Contact: Parish office at (304) 242-0406
  25. Wedding Schola-A small group of advanced vocalists that sing at weddings.
    Contact: The Parish Office at 304-242-0406
  26. World Marriage Day Committee-World Marriage Day honors husband and wife as the foundation of the family.  It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life. World Marriage Day Celebration is observed with a special dinner on the second Saturday in February in conjunction with World Marriage Day, which is the second Sunday of February.
    Contact: Dennis or Brenda Beiter at (304) 547-0192 or Denbrenbeiter@gmail.com
    Derek or Madelyn Reed at (304) 242-8156
  27. Youth Ministry-St. Vincent’s Youth Group is comprised of adults as well as high school youth who commit to a voluntary one year term.  The group plans, directs and evaluates activities designed to foster the personal and spiritual growth of the teenager.  Parishioners and parents are welcome to participate as members.
    Contact: Joann Drnach at (304) 242-7551 or joann.drnach@comcast.net