Catholic Sharing Appeal 2018

Catholic Sharing Appeal 2018:   We are now at 44.7% of our Parish Goal! 

Our theme is Pay the Priest, Protect Education, Pave the Lot, and our parish goal is $227,000.  Our parish has already satisfied our CSA obligation to the Diocese, so every dollar you give will be returned 100% back to St. Vincent de Paul Parish.  Bishop Bransfield has pledged to lower our parish debt by every dollar raised until we reach our goal of $227,000.   Pay the Priest: the first $127,000 will pay for the salary and benefits of your current priest and paying down remaining debt on past priest salaries.   Protect Education:  the next $50,000 will be used to meet our parish obligations to Wheeling Catholic Central and to support St. Vincent de Paul Grade School. Pave the Lot: The next $50,000 will be earmarked to pave our main parking lot at St. Vincent de Paul Parish.