St. Vincent’s Parish has more people participating in the CSA than any other parish in the state! We are very proud of our commitment to our Diocese and our parish.  Thank you to all who have so generously given to this appeal! Donations will count toward this goal until January 31, 2019.

Catholic Sharing Appeal 2018:   We are now at 88.5% of our Parish Goal! 

Our theme is Pay the Priest, Protect Education, Pave the Lot, and our parish goal is $227,000.  Our parish has already satisfied our CSA obligation to the Diocese, so every dollar you give will be returned 100% back to St. Vincent de Paul Parish.  Our parish debt will be lowered by every dollar raised until we reach our goal of $227,000.   Pay the Priest: the first $127,000 will pay for the salary and benefits of your current priest and paying down remaining debt on past priest salaries.   Protect Education:  the next $50,000 will be used to meet our parish obligations to Wheeling Catholic Central and to support St. Vincent de Paul Grade School. Pave the Lot: The next $50,000 will be earmarked to pave our main parking lot at St. Vincent de Paul Parish.